Why Powder Clay Face Masks are Popular?

Reasons to Love Powder Clay Face Masks:

  • They last longer due to the product being in powder form, meaning that the ingredients have yet to be activated until you add water.
  • Powder Clay does not need added preservatives because the product has not yet been activated until water is added to the powder mixture.
  • Travels in hand luggage when flying as it is a powder and not a liquid.
  • Add as much or as little water to the powder as you desire.
  • Customize the mask each time you use it by adding in drops of your favourite essential oils.
  • A quick and easy way to detox impurities from your face - just add a little water to approx. half tablespoon of powder and within ten minutes from applying the mixture to your face it's dry and ready to be gently washed off using a muslin cloth and warm water.


  • Our Rainforest Blue Clay has only one ingredient which is an organic clay from Mother Nature only found in the rainforest near pure spring water in Costa Rica – NO added preservatives, parabens, NOR additional ingredients  100% ORGANIC.