What is a Booty Mask and why do you need it?

Your booty skin gets stretched more than any other part of your body as the continuous movement of your hips – be it walking, running, sitting down, or getting up – causes your booty skin to get stretched. So you need to pay it some ATTENTION!

I want a soft booty

We want your booty to be just as desirable as your face. You may or may not have plans for beaches or swimming pools anytime soon due to all the national lockdowns. But it’s still our mission here at Savegre to make you aware of all the wonderful things you can do with Rainforest Blue Clay and that includes your booty. Our mask is made up of just 1 ingredient - Rainforest Blue Clay - the clay sets your booty free of dead skin cells, dark spots, excess sebum and oils, and ageing and stretch marks.

Your booty will be –

  • Free of dark spots, acne, blackheads, and alike
  • Cleaner – shinier – and healthier
  • Softer than ever


Moreover – our mask can literally be used on any part of the body - including your hair!

So get ready to break hearts with your cute soft booty. Order your Rainforest Blue Clay power TODAY!