How to soothe ‘Strawberry Legs’

Ever stepped out of the shower and looked down at your legs and seen loads of little red spotty marks all over? Well, it could be a skin issue known as ‘Strawberry Legs’. 

Strawberry Legs can be a real pain and cause a lot of body anxiety, so we’ve come up with a way to help calm and soothe this irritation:

What exactly causes Strawberry Legs?

Strawberry Legs are dotted red (and sometimes black) spots that look a little bit like strawberry seeds. They’re harmless but nonetheless don’t look great. Strawberry Legs are usually caused by clogged-up pores or hair follicles. It can also be down to an issue known as Folliculitis (which is the damage to the hair follicle that allows dirt and bacteria to enter during shaving or other abrasion to your skin) or even from just having dry skin. Dryness can cause a thing known as Keratosis Pilaris, meaning tiny red bumps on skin.   

So, how do you soothe Strawberry Legs?

Here’s our approach: 

Tip #1: Clay Mask

Reach for our Rainforest Blue Clay Powder to detox, purify and prep your skin. This gentle, yet effective clay from the remote rainforests of Costa Rica, comes from nature and exfoliates, freshens and calms the skin as the clay is a natural anti-inflammatory.

Tip #2: Moisturise and Calm

Once you’re all dry, it’s time to get some serious moisture into your skin and there is nothing better than using an organic-certified 100% nothing added natural Aloe Vera product which helps support skin renewal and repair.    

Tip #3: Coconut Oil + Aloe Vera

Strawberry Leg skin tends to be easily irritated and sensitive, so it’s wise to keep pm top of it by using a 100% organic and natural coconut oil post-shower and between washes. Each evening before bed opt for Aloe Vera as this is cooling and nourishing on the skin and is the ultimate skin repairer.  


Now that this skin issue is taken care of, time to put it into practice with our Rainforest Blue Clay Powder