How to Heal Dry Skin on Ankles, Knees, & Elbows

Dry, flaky skin on tougher areas like ankles, knees, elbows can be relieved and smoothed by the healing properties of Rainforest Blue Clay.

Our Rainforest Blue Clay has only one ingredient which is an organic clay from Mother Nature only found in the rainforest near pure spring water in Costa Rica – NO added preservatives, parabens, NOR additional ingredients – 100% ORGANIC.

Clay can come in various colours which hold different properties of healing and benefits. Blue clay is most rare with the healing benefits of hydration, oxygenation, and restoration. Highly recommended for all skin types due to its gentle properties but particularly beneficial for mature, dry skin types as it restores hydration and renewal to the skin.

Instructions for our Rainforest Blue Clay:

We recommend mixing ½ tablespoon of clay powder with 1 teaspoon of water until a paste consistency is formed. Add more water or clay if necessary.

Wait 10 minutes or until mask is dry on face and wash off with warm water using a muslin cloth or just your fingers.