Benefits & How to Use

Savegre Rainforest Blue Clay is 100% natural, organic and contains NO artificial ingredients, no fragrances, no dyes and no preservativesOur detoxifying face mask reduces blemishes, rejuvenating and extracting toxins and impurities from the skin.

Savegre Rainforest Blue Clay can be used for:

  • Facial Masks & Spot Treatments
  • Rejuvenating, Tightening and Regenerating Skin Tissue
  • Skin & Body Detoxifications to remove Heavy Metals

Tips for using our rainforest blue clay powder for a face mask:
We recommend mixing ½ tablespoon of clay powder with 1 teaspoon of water until a paste consistency is formed. Add more water or clay if necessary. To be creative with your face mask you could add some freshly squeezed lemon juice to the paste or a drop of your favourite essential oil. Although this is not necessary, the odourless face clay powder mask has all the benefits necessary of detoxing and clearing your skin with its 100% natural rainforest blue clay from mother nature.

Apply the clay mixture all over the face avoiding the eye area and directly under the eyes. on the face with a brush (or fingers if you have no brush) to evenly cover all of the skin on your face and forehead, including around and under the nose. Do not apply clay directly under the eyes. ⁠ No matter what type of face mask you are using – in the end they are all messy when you wash them off or peel them off, so don’t be afraid to apply the mask with fingers, a brush, or spatula, have fun and enjoy!

Wait 10 minutes and wash off with warm water using a muslin cloth or just your fingers if you don’t have one. After you have washed off the mask & gently dried your face, apply your favourite facial moisturiser, oil, or balm product.

We recommend using Savegre Rainforest Blue Clay Powder Mask 2-3 times a week if you have oily to combination skin, or 1-2 times a week if you have dry or sensitive skin. The product leaves your face feeling refreshed, clean, and soft so anytime of day/evening is suitable, but it is always more relaxing to use a face mask in the evening or when you have time to pamper yourself and relax to enjoy the detoxing and calming benefits of our product to its fullest. 

 For Full Body Treatments:

 Follow the same instructions as above. 

One jar of 60 grams Dry Powder Clay is good for 1 upper body treatment.

Two jars of 60 grams Dry Powder Clay is good for 1  full-body treatment depending on the thickness of clay you apply to your body.